About South Asian Hair


There are 11 countries in South Asia but our compamy collects the hairs from 7 countries like India, Burma, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, Laos, Vietnamese and Thailand.


South Asian countries are the prime source of human hair used for wigs and hair extensions because the hair is long, straight, strong, and rarely tampered with chemicals. South Asian hairs are sourced directly from the temples throughout India, Burma, Malaysia, and Cambodia and they are well known for its quality and texture.


South Asian hair is typically thicker in texture than the alternatives due to the larger scale of the cuticle. This type of hair is sourced from several countries in the region–mostly India, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia. The color range of virgin South Asian extensions are similar to Indian hair and typically come between a virgin color tone of 1B and 2.


‘South Asian hair’ is one of the most popular and common hair types on the market. These extensions are 100% human hair. South Asian hair is lightweight and supple which gives it natural flow and movement. “South Asian hairs” have long been recognized as being the best hair to use for natural hair extensions. It is the healthiest hair because it comes from individuals who have looked after it for the special purpose of donation at a temple. Hundreds of thousands of high-quality women (donors) cut off their hair every year to show thanks for blessing, and to receive the further blessing. They then regrow hair to signify new beginnings.


Available: Natural Straight, Natural Wavy, Natural Loose Wave, Natural Body Wave, and Natural Deep Wave. Natural Curly is available for the custom order.



Sensationnel Quality - Grade 10A

Splendid Quality - Grade 9A

Marvellous Quality - Grade 8A

Exclusive Fine Quality - Grade 7A

Luxury Quality - Grade 6A+

Legend Quality  - Grade 6A



Elite Quality - Grade 5A

Platinum Quality - Grade 4A+

Gold Plus Quality - Grade 4A

Premium Quality - Grade 3A+

Unique Quality - Grade 3A

Super Fine Quality - Grade 2A+



Deluxe Quality - Grade AA

Classic Quality - Grade A+

Standard Quality - Grade A