About Vietnamese Hair


South-eastern Asia, bordering the Gulf of Thailand, China, Laos, and Cambodia.


Vietnamese hair extensions are cut from single donor at many Vietnam countryside and ethnic minority areas. After collecting hair, we tied it 1 donor 1 bundle to send it to end customers. Many Vietnamese ladies have kept long and beautiful hair for a long time. They seldom cut hair, colored, or do style but kept their hair when they were children. Especially, some women, living in the mountain, have very long hair and they wash hair by natural leaves so their hair are so strong, shining.


The Vietnam virgin hair is often dark, or dark brown, and they are straight or natural wavy. It is so easy to clean, wash, dry it, and you can do style them like curly, color, wavy hair like your own hair because they are so healthy, strong, and totally original. Vietnamese virgin hair has no split ends or any faults, it does not have a dull appearance caused by dryness and this because the cuticles have not been altered. In our company, the only way to obtain the best hair is that we have been cut directly from the donor or person.


‘Vietnamese hair’ is highly regarded in the hair industry because of its flexibility, durability, and texture. Its characteristic is naturally strong, soft, smooth, silky and lustrous. The hair is also naturally dark. This ethnicity hair is typically thicker strand and low to medium-low luster. Easily lifts for lightening, accepts colors and holds great curl after styling. Most of the Vietnamese hair is sold to Germany, Israel, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom, Italy, Argentina, France, and the US.


It gives the best possible styling and installation options for extensions and works great with most braiding and weaving applications for everyone.


Vietnamese hair extensions are 100% Virgin and unprocessed. The reason, customers choose Vietnamese hair, is because of the hair length, softness, quality, and texture. Vietnamese hair is highly recommended for African-American women, create a beautiful wavy.


Vietnamese hair” products don’t have a bad smell, if you buy bad quality hair, you often meet bad smell hair although you washed it many times.


Available: Natural Straight, Natural Wavy, Natural Loose Wave, Natural Body Wave, and Natural Deep Wave. Natural Curly is available for the custom order.



Sensationnel Quality - Grade 10A

Splendid Quality - Grade 9A

Marvellous Quality - Grade 8A

Exclusive Fine Quality - Grade 7A

Luxury Quality - Grade 6A+

Legend Quality  - Grade 6A



Elite Quality - Grade 5A

Platinum Quality - Grade 4A+

Gold Plus Quality - Grade 4A

Premium Quality - Grade 3A+

Unique Quality - Grade 3A

Super Fine Quality - Grade 2A+



Deluxe Quality - Grade AA

Classic Quality - Grade A+

Standard Quality - Grade A