Product and Service

Product and Service

The world's leading hair extension company specializing in beautiful and 100% virgin hair extensions and human hair weaves. Find the biggest collection of more than 25 categories as below.

  • Argentinian Hair

  • Armenian Hair

  • Asian Hair

  • Bohemian Hair

  • Brazilian Hair

  • Burmese Hair

  • Cambodian Hair

  • East Asian Hair

  • Egyptian Hair

  • Ethiopian Hair

  • Eurasian Hair

  • European Hair

  • Filipino Hair

  • Georgian Hair

  • Himalayan Hair

  • Indian Hair

  • Indonesian Hair

  • Italian Hair

  • Laotian Hair

  • Malaysian

  • Mongolian Hair

  • Myanmar Hair

  • Peruvian Hair

  • Persian Hair

  • Russian Hair

  • South Asian Hair

  • Thailand Hair

  • Ukrainian Hair

  • Uzbek Hair

  • Vietnamese Hair

We are wholesaler and supplier of hair extensions, Frontals, Lace Closure, and I-tip, U-tip, V-tip, and flat tip


All hairs are purchase from donors and temples directly. No any mediators and agents.


We don’t sell synthetic, non-Remy, animal hair and fiber or plastic hairs.


We don’t sell any type of chemically processed and silicon dioxide quoting upon the hairs.


All hairs come from their origin (country).

Last updated July 21, 2019



Sensationnel Quality - Grade 10A

Splendid Quality - Grade 9A

Marvellous Quality - Grade 8A

Exclusive Fine Quality - Grade 7A

Luxury Quality - Grade 6A+

Legend Quality - Grade 6A

Elite Quality - Grade 5A



Gold Plus Quality - Grade 4A+

Platinum Quality - Grade 4A

Unique Quality - Grade 3A+

Premium Quality - Grade 3A

Super Fine Quality - Grade 2A+

Deluxe Quality - Grade AA

Classic Quality - Grade A



Raw East Asian Virgin Hair

Raw South Asian Virgin Hair

Raw Indonesian Virgin Hair

Raw Vietnamese Virgin Hair

Raw Tajikistan Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Kyrgyzstan Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Turkmenistan Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Kazakhstan Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Azerbaijan Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Bangladeshi Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Bohemian Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Georgian Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Himalayan Virgin Hair (Coming Soon) 

Raw Thailand Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Armenian Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Ethiopian Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)

Raw Ukrainian Virgin Hair (Coming Soon)