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Raw Virgin Hairs

About Persian Raw Virgin Hair Extensions

Persian hair weaves are one of the most popular types of extensions to get since the individual strands are much thicker than other types of hair.



We are giving you a brief introduction to "Persian hair extensions"

Images of Persian Hair


Persia is located in Asia. Predominant ethnic group of Iran (formerly known as Persia). Although of diverse ancestry, the Persian people are united by their language, Persian (Farsi), which belongs to the Indo-Iranian group of the Indo-European language family.




Patterns of Persian Hair

Quality of Persian Hair

Types of Persian Hair

Color of Persian Hair

Products of Persian Hair

Brands of Persian Hair

Persian Hair is collected from small places within Iran, but the donors give the hairs difficultly. We pay for the effort in growing strong and healthy hair. Our company only receives a very small quantity because it is rarely sourced from women. Our team keep on traveling several times to collect the donor’s hairs.

Persian Hair is available with luxurious natural texture for healthy youthful styles. These are silky and heavy bouncing. The colors are usually in black or off black to a rich brown. Persian hairs are a little expensive if buyers want to find original and real natural hair.

Persian hairs are completely unprocessed and can last at least one year with proper maintenance.  Our Virgin/Remy hair starts with a very high-grade Virgin hair that is handled with minimal processing. And will last you 9-12 months with proper care.

What are the textures of Persian hair?

Persian hair comes in a diversity of textures such as natural straight, wavy, natural curly, or light wavy hair. The hair is soft, fine, and has a silky texture. It is also extremely lightweight and mixes well with your bio hair. You can feel comfortable when wearing it.

Hair textures can suit all the natural hair textures. 

Only natural textures are available. We never sell artificial Persian hair textures like water wave, ocean wave, coil curly, Italian wave, deep curly, jerry curly. What are these textures? Machines make these artificial textures in China. We never do that.

Our natural textures are below.

  • Persian Natural Straight Hair Extensions.

  • Persian Natural Wavy Hair Extensions.

  • Persian Natural Body Wave Hair Extensions.

  • Persian Natural Deep Wave Hair Extensions.

  • Persian Natural Loose Wave Hair Extensions.

  • Persian Natural Curly Hair Extensions.

Which qualities are available in Persian hair extensions?

These qualities are available in Persian hair extensions below.


1. Persian coarse hair extensions.

2. Persian silky hair extensions.

3. Persian lustre hair extensions.

4. Persian heaviness.

5. Persian soft hair extensions.

6. Volume bounces Persian hair extensions.

7. Persian soft hair extensions.

How many types of Persian hair extensions?

Two types of Persian hair extensions are available.

1. A single donor called Persian natural raw virgin hair extensions.

2. Different donors called Persian natural Remy hair extensions.

What is the difference between a single donor of Persian hair and a different donor of Persian?

We cut a single donor from one woman, and we also packed it in one bundle.

Second, different donors hair extensions are mixed with various types of women.

What is the color of Persian hair extensions?

100% raw Persian natural color, black, natural black, and brown. There is no artificial color.

Which products are available using Persian hair?

We sell Persian hair in the single weft, which is called Persian machine weft hair. Our company sells double weft, which is called Persian micro-machine weft hair. We also sell triple weft.

We also sell Lace Closure and Frontal in simple and HD quality.


  • Natural Persian Machine Weft Hair Extensions.

  • Natural Persian Micro-Machine Weft Hair Extensions.

  • Natural Persian Triple Weft Hair Extensions.

  • Natural Persian Bulk-Loose Hair Extensions.

  • Natural Persian Korean Lace Closure (Size-4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7)

  • Natural Persian French HD Lace Closure (Size-4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7)

  • Natural Persian Swiss HD Lace Closure (Size-4x4, 5x5, 6x6, and 7x7)

  • Natural Persian Korean Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)

  • Natural Persian French HD Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)

  • Natural Persian Swiss HD Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)

What are the brands of Persian hair extensions?

We have divided the quality of Persian hair into two parts.

  1. Extraordinary Brand.

  2. Special Brands.

The extraordinary brand is 100% natural raw virgin Persian hair extensions.

The special brand is also good in quality. It is 100% natural raw Remy Persian hair extensions. Our own company has created these two brands.


1-Extraordinary Brand - Single Donor - Virgin Hair Extensions.

  • Natural Persian Hair Sensationnel Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Splendid Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Marvellous Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Exclusive Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Luxury Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Legend Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Elite Quality

2- Available: Special Brand - Different Donors - Remy Hair Extensions.

  • Natural Persian Hair Gold Plus Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Platinum Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Unique Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Premium Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Super Fine Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Deluxe Quality

  • Natural Persian Hair Classic Quality

Where are the images of Persian hair extensions? How can we find Persian hair images?

As you know, we only sell "natural Persian hair extensions". We are giving you the links to all Persian hair textures below.

  • Persian natural straight hair

  • Persian natural wavy hair

  • Persian natural loose wave hair

  • Persian natural deep wave hair

  • Persian natural body wave hair

  • Persian natural curly hair

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