About Malaysian Hair


Malaysia is located in South-East Asia and shares a border with Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines.


This is from women of a Malaysian descent that have donated their hair at Malaysian temples in order to help themselves financially or as offering to the gods.


“Malaysian Hair” comes in colors of darkest brown to near black.  The hair comes in styles of wavy, slight bends to loose body waves.  The hair is heavier, thicker and more, dense than Indian hair, as well as being softer and silkier than Indian hair.  The hair dries straight with a slight wave.  Compared to Chinese hair the hair is thinner and softer.  The hair is extremely shiny, course and silky.


‘Malaysian Hair’ is good for relaxed Afro-Caribbean hair and blends in well.  If you like naturally wavy or curly hair, this is one to go for.  The only downfall is that is only available in the darker colors, but on saying that the hair is extremely soft and shiny.  Malaysian hair is relatively new on the virgin hair market and is priced a bit more expensive than Brazilian and Indian hair.



  • Raw Malaysian Natural Straight Hair Extensions 

  • Raw Malaysian Natural Wavy Hair Extensions 

  • Raw Malaysian Natural Body Wave Hair Extensions 

  • Raw Malaysian Natural Deep Wave Hair Extensions 

  • Raw Malaysian Natural Loose Wave Hair Extensions 

  • Raw Malaysian Natural Curly Hair Extensions are available for custom orders.



  • Raw Malaysian coarse hair extensions 

  • Raw Malaysian silky hair extensions 

  • Raw Malaysian luster hair extensions 

  • Raw Malaysian heaviness

  • Raw Malaysian soft hair extensions 

  • Volume bounce Raw Malaysian hair extensions.



  1. Single Donor - Raw Malaysian Virgin Hair Extensions.

  2. Different Donors - Raw Malaysian Remy hair Extensions.


Available: 100% Raw Malaysian natural color, black, natural black and brown.



  1. Raw Malaysian Machine Weft Hair Extensions

  2. Raw Malaysian Micro-Machine Weft Hair Extensions

  3. Raw Malaysian Bulk-Loose Hair Extensions

  4. Raw Malaysian Korean Lace Closure (Size-4x4,5x5 and 6x6)

  5. Raw Malaysian French HD Lace Closure (Size-4x4,5x5 and 6x6)

  6. Raw Malaysian Swiss HD Lace Closure (Size-4x4,5x5 and 6x6)

  7. Raw Malaysian Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)

  8. Raw Malaysian French HD Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)

  9. Raw Malaysian Swiss HD Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)


1- Available: Extraordinary Brand - Single Donor - Virgin Hair Extensions

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Sensationnel Quality-Grade 10A

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Splendid Quality-Grade 9A

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Marvellous Quality-Grade 8A

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Exclusive Quality-Grade 7A

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Luxury Quality-Grade 6A+

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Legend Quality-Grade 6A

2- Available: Special Brand - Different Donors - Remy Hair Extensions.

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Elite Quality-Grade 5A

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Platinum Quality-Grade 4A+

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Gold Plus Quality-Grade 4A

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Premium Quality-Grade 3A+

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Unique Quality-Grade 3A

  • Raw Malaysian Hair Super Fine Quality-Grade 2A+