About European Hair


Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.


Now a bit about the “Slavonic hairs”. It is the hair of the Europeans who were born in Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Similar to other goods produced in Europe, the quality is superb however it comes at a greater expense. Because of the hair of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus habitants gets to the market more often, Russian hairs, Ukrainian hairs and Belarus hairs named Slavic hair. However, in fact, the Slavic hair it there is the European hair.


European hair is not only difficult to find in significant quantity but is generally too thin in diameter (especially blonde hair) to be of much use for hair extensions. Few European women would be willing to give up their hair to hair companies and if it would be necessary for their hair to never have been chemically treated. Very unlikely………. Whatever the competition may claim.


Why are ‘European hairs’ so popular? Because these hairs are naturally elastic and silky. They are available in a variety of structures suitable for all tastes: soft and wiry, thin and thick, straight and curly. “European hair” can last up to ten years: and they do not lose their primary form. European hairs are also widely used for hair extensions and wigs. Thus it is important to remember: to keep extension hair beautiful and natural for a long time your hairdresser has to be a professional. High-quality production techniques must be used for the extension. You must take care of your hair correctly, regularly and carefully.



  • Raw European Natural Straight Hair Extensions 

  • Raw European Natural Wavy Hair Extensions 

  • Raw European Natural Body Wave Hair Extensions 

  • Raw European Natural Deep Wave Hair Extensions 

  • Raw European Natural Loose Wave Hair Extensions 

  • Raw European Natural Curly Hair Extensions are available for custom orders.



  • Raw European coarse hair extensions 

  • Raw European silky hair extensions 

  • Raw European luster hair extensions 

  • Raw European heaviness

  • Raw European soft hair extensions 

  • Volume bounces Raw European hair extensions.



  1. Single Donor - Raw European Virgin Hair Extensions.

  2. Different Donors - Raw European Remy hair Extensions.


Available: 100% Raw European natural color, black, natural black and brown.



  1. Raw European Machine Weft Hair Extensions

  2. Raw European Micro-Machine Weft Hair Extensions

  3. Raw European Bulk-Loose Hair Extensions

  4. Raw European Korean Lace Closure (Size-4x4,5x5 and 6x6)

  5. Raw European French HD Lace Closure (Size-4x4,5x5 and 6x6)

  6. Raw European Swiss HD Lace Closure (Size-4x4,5x5 and 6x6)

  7. Raw European Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)

  8. Raw European French HD Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)

  9. Raw European Swiss HD Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)


1- Available: Extraordinary Brand - Single Donor - Virgin Hair Extensions

  • Raw European Hair Sensationnel Quality-Grade 10A

  • Raw European Hair Splendid Quality-Grade 9A

  • Raw European Hair Marvellous Quality-Grade 8A

  • Raw European Hair Exclusive Quality-Grade 7A

  • Raw European Hair Luxury Quality-Grade 6A+

  • Raw European Hair Legend Quality-Grade 6A

2- Available: Special Brand - Different Donors - Remy Hair Extensions.

  • Raw European Hair Elite Quality-Grade 5A

  • Raw European Hair Platinum Quality-Grade 4A+

  • Raw European Hair Gold Plus Quality-Grade 4A

  • Raw European Hair Premium Quality-Grade 3A+

  • Raw European Hair Unique Quality-Grade 3A

  • Raw European Hair Super Fine Quality-Grade 2A+