About East Asian Hair


East Asia is based on statistical convenience, but also other common definitions of East Asia contain Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.


East Asian countries. East Asian women, however, have an increased likelihood of experiencing more overall hair thinning than Caucasians or Afro-Caribbean’s.


East Asian hair has twice the diameter and a much thicker cuticle than Caucasian hair. Most hair types have around five layers of cuticles while East Asian hair has closer to ten.


The shape of the follicle largely determines how hair grows. Because ‘East Asian hair’ follicles are almost always completely round, they typically have very straight hair. On the other hand, Afro-Caribbean hair follicles are oval and the hair grows in a spiral-like fashion.


“East Asian hair” usually has higher porosity levels, absorbing and retaining moisture more quickly. The hair contains a medulla filled with plenty of dark pigment, which is thought to contribute to its shine and high moisture content. However, because East Asian hair is thicker and sometimes longer, it also tends to lose more moisture, which can lead to dryness and split ends.



  • Raw East Asian Natural Straight Hair Extensions 

  • Raw East Asian Natural Wavy Hair Extensions 

  • Raw East Asian Natural Body Wave Hair Extensions 

  • Raw East Asian Natural Deep Wave Hair Extensions 

  • Raw East Asian Natural Loose Wave Hair Extensions 

  • Raw East Asian Natural Curly Hair Extensions are available for custom orders.



  • Raw East Asian coarse hair extensions 

  • Raw East Asian silky hair extensions 

  • Raw East Asian luster hair extensions 

  • Raw East Asian heaviness

  • Raw East Asian soft hair extensions 

  • Volume bounce Raw East Asian hair extensions.



  1. Single Donor - Raw East Asian Virgin Hair Extensions.

  2. Different Donors - RawEast Asian Remy hair Extensions.


Available: 100% Raw East Asian natural color, black, natural black and brown.



  1. Raw East Asian Machine Weft Hair Extensions

  2. Raw East Asian Micro-Machine Weft Hair Extensions

  3. Raw East Asian Bulk-Loose Hair Extensions

  4. Raw East Asian Korean Lace Closure (Size-4x4,5x5 and 6x6)

  5. Raw East Asian French HD Lace Closure (Size-4x4,5x5 and 6x6)

  6. Raw East Asian Swiss HD Lace Closure (Size-4x4,5x5 and 6x6)

  7. Raw East Asian Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)

  8. Raw East Asian French HD Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)

  9. Raw East Asian Swiss HD Frontals (Size 13x4 and 13x6)


1- Available: Extraordinary Brand - Single Donor - Virgin Hair Extensions

  • Raw East Asian Hair Sensationnel Quality-Grade 10A

  • Raw East Asian Hair Splendid Quality-Grade 9A

  • Raw East Asian Hair Marvellous Quality-Grade 8A

  • Raw East Asian Hair Exclusive Quality-Grade 7A

  • Raw East Asian Hair Luxury Quality-Grade 6A+

  • Raw East Asian Hair Legend Quality-Grade 6A

2- Available: Special Brand - Different Donors - Remy Hair Extensions.

  • Raw East Asian Hair Elite Quality-Grade 5A

  • Raw East Asian Hair Platinum Quality-Grade 4A+

  • Raw East Asian Hair Gold Plus Quality-Grade 4A

  • Raw East Asian Hair Premium Quality-Grade 3A+

  • Raw East Asian Hair Unique Quality-Grade 3A

  • Raw East Asian Hair Super Fine Quality-Grade 2A+